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My second day in battambang has been 100x better. After getting through the initial culture shock I’ve realised how lovely so many of the Cambodian people are, and how blessed I am. To think I was crying over not having the western facilities I’m used to, when the family we’re staying with work so hard and are pretty well off compared to most. They’re all so kind and can’t do enough for you. The kids just love the attention and they get so excited just when you say hello, I can’t wait to start my lesson planning tomorrow! And we’re starting on the gardening plots. It’s going to be great. Now I’ve found out exactly what all of the money I’ve raised is going to, anything is worth it because they seriously do make a difference.

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The past couple of days I’ve spent in Bangkok were so great. Admittedly the heat tired me out but the hostel was so nice and modern. This morning we travelled from Bangkok to Cambodia which took a 6 hour train (at 5:55am) and we weren’t over the border until well after half 3, after getting absolutely soaked from the torrential rain in a Tuk Tuk - which has caked the bottom half of my duffle bag in mud, which actually belongs to my mum so I’m ridiculously upset. Border control was chaotic and horrendous, and took forever to get through. The guesthouse we’re staying in is very basic, most of the toilets here are either squat ones or a western style but you have to flush by hand using a jug and a bucket of water. Luckily there’s one that has a flusher! The showers are also simple, just a shower head attached to a tap and you just use the room as a water room type thing. But it makes walking around so dangerous! The stairs up to our room are unbelievably steep and large, one doesn’t have a rail either, and they’re tiled which means they’re so so slippy and it’s not ideal during the rainy season… To top things off my mosquito net is too small for my bed so I’m leaving it off tonight in hope I won’t get eaten alive, otherwise I’ll just have to suffocate in it :/

Honestly it’s been such a culture shock. Good and bad. I always knew that this wasn’t going to be luxurious or a holiday of any sort but it’s hard to adjust to being uncomfortable all of the time. To make things worse I’m incredibly tired and our dorm room is connected to the owners’ bedroom so a crying baby may be my alarm throughout the night. I’ll probably be too tired to hear it though.

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Marlon Brando. California. 1949.
Photographer: Ed Clark

He was so hot


I am happy. I think I really am. But then I get sad. And sometimes it overwhelms me how sad I can get.”

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“Stop running after the waves. Let the sea come to you.”

Elif Shafak (via solacity)

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if u see me smiling in public it means im laughing at the jokes i tell myself in my head 

me all the time

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This week I finally go to Cambodia where I’ll be volunteering in a school battambang for 3 weeks! Followed by a week of sightseeing in Bangkok :)